AlShaml website privacy policy:-

We ask you to know that the privacy of your personal data that you provide to us voluntarily is a matter of utmost importance to the management of the comprehensive website. Therefore, the website management requests that you read this policy carefully and agree to the terms mentioned in it so that we can preserve your personal data and so that you can use our website. The privacy policy of AlShaml website contains the following items:-

The data you provide to AlShaml website:-

1- Our site will not ask you for any personal data. Rather, you will provide our site with the personal data we need from you, of your own free will, in order for you to communicate with us so that we can answer all your inquiries that you send to us in order to obtain an answer to them, by contacting our e-mail address, which is:
2- You provide us with some of your personal data when you comment on one of the topics available on our website. The data we need from you in this case is such as your name, email, website, and any other data we request from you. You are fully committed to providing us with it.

Data we collect about you:-

1- Our website collects some data about your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, and the device you use to browse and use our website. We also collect the time and date of your visit to our website.
2- When we need any personal data from you, we ask you to provide us with it of your own free will for several important matters to us, including, but not limited to, displaying suitable advertisements to you.

AlShaml website’s uses of your personal data that you provide to us:-

AlShaml website uses your personal data for several important matters for the website and for you. These matters are: -
1- So that we can answer all your inquiries and questions that need to be answered.
2- So that we are able to improve our site as you wish.
3- So that we can deliver this data to third parties with whom we cooperate.
4- To hand over your personal data to government agencies or judicial authorities, if these authorities request this to be done by the Al-Shamel website management.
5- For any other matters in which we deem it necessary to use your personal data.

Protecting the data you provide to us:

The site administration is keen to protect your personal data that you provide us with of your own free will in all possible ways. However, although we take all necessary measures and precautions to protect your data, we regret to inform you that we are unable to fully preserve your personal data due to our presence on the Internet and the possibility of us being exposed to many threats. On this network, therefore, any disclosure of your personal data will not be responsible for Al-Shamel website, because it resulted from reasons beyond the site’s control.

Electronic links available on AlShame website:-

There are some electronic links belonging to third parties cooperated with by the administration of our site, and the administration of our site cooperates with these parties in order to display their advertisements and services to the users on our site. We ask all users to know that we do not have any control or control over the sites of these parties, and your dealings with them are at your full responsibility. We have no responsibility for your dealings with these parties.

Dealing with third parties:-

The management of the AlShaml website has the right, at any time, to cooperate or employ third parties in order to display their advertisements or provide their services to the users of the site. Therefore, the management of our website has the right to provide these parties with your personal data that you provided us with of your own free will, in order for them to use that data in the matters they are entrusted with implementing.

User rights:-

We will not sell or rent your personal data to any external party. We will only provide your personal data to the parties cooperated with by our site administration. We will also provide your personal data to government agencies or judicial authorities if those parties request us to do so.

AlShaml website rights:-

AlShaml website management reviews its policy from time to time to ensure that it includes all the items that its website needs to become in the form that all users desire. Therefore, the website management resorts to implementing all the amendments, improvements, additions and changes that this policy needs. Therefore, the website management advises users of the need to follow this policy. Policy to identify anything we have implemented for this policy.

Contact us:-

Our technical support welcomes all your inquiries via our email address: They are also pleased to inform you of their complete readiness to respond to all your inquiries as quickly as possible.

This policy was last updated on 8/26/2022.

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