Terms of use of AlShaml website:-

The terms and conditions contained in this agreement were set by the site administration in order to inform you of how to deal with our site and to know the terms and conditions of the site so that you avoid violating these terms and conditions and avoid penalties in the event that you violate this agreement. The terms of use for the Al-Shamel website consist of the following items: -

Amendments and additions:-

The site administration is working hard to make its website look as it hopes. Therefore, the site administration will review this agreement from time to time on an ongoing basis and add, amend, or change any clauses in it so that these matters are compatible with the developments that are being implemented for the site. Therefore, the site administration advises you to follow up and see This Agreement will be constantly updated to learn about anything new that has been implemented, because anything implemented under this Agreement will apply to everyone who uses our website.

Conditions for dealing with AlShaml website:-

1- You may place a positive comment on any topic published on our website, provided that your comment does not contain any insult to any party or any insult to our website.
2- You are committed to using our site in a fair and appropriate manner that does not cause us any harm during your use of our site.

3- It is prohibited to place, publish, or upload any viruses, malicious programs, or destructive links to our website, and whoever does so, all legal measures will be taken to punish him for what he did to our website.
4- You are committed to providing us with all the data we need from you when you communicate with us or when you comment on one of the topics available on our website.
5- You are committed to agreeing to our current terms and conditions, and you are also committed to agreeing to any terms or conditions that the site administration adds in the future.
6- You must be aware that the use of our site is under your full responsibility and any damages arising from this use are borne solely by you.
7- You undertake not to commit or direct any offense to any party present on our site, or even to commit or direct any offense to our website or even to the site administration, whether this abuse occurs inside or outside our site. And whoever commits or directs any offense to our site or to any party present on it, we will We will take urgent and deterrent legal measures against whoever did this.
8- Al-Shamil website management may absolutely stop the website, stop its services, or implement any improvements that the website needs at any time without the need to inform users when they do these things.
9- You have the right to benefit from our website personally and not in a commercial manner that would cause us any harm.
10- We ask all users to be aware that the links on our website belong to the third parties we cooperate with. We do not have the slightest control or control over these sites. Therefore, the user must read their privacy policy and terms and conditions before dealing with them because the responsibility for dealing with these parties falls on the user alone without The slightest liability falls on Al-Shamel website as a result of this dealing.
11- You are committed to using our website in a manner that complies with all laws and not to violate any law while using our website.

Procedures to be followed in the event of a service interruption on the Al-Shamel website:-

Our site management follows the best possible procedures in order for our site to operate continuously without interruption, but we regret to inform you that it is not possible to guarantee the continuous operation of our site due to our presence on the Internet, with the possibility that we will be exposed to many problems and threats that could affect the performance of our site and interrupt it. service for a period of time. Therefore, we disclaim responsibility for any damages incurred by you in the event of interruption of service from our site, but in this case we will take urgent measures until our site returns to operating normally again. It is also possible that service from our site will be interrupted if we implement some improvements to our site.

Evacuation responsibilaty:-

1- You alone bear responsibility for your use of the recipes available on our website, and our website does not bear responsibility for your use or misuse of these recipes.
2- Although Al-Shamel website provides safe recipes and mixtures, the use of these recipes is your full responsibility only, and our website does not bear any responsibility as a result of your use of those recipes.
3- You are fully responsible for your use or following of the recipes available on our website, and the comprehensive website does not bear any responsibility.
4- Al-Shamel website management disclaims all responsibility in the event that you use or misuse our website and this results in harm to you.
5- We take all possible measures to verify the data and information available in the recipes on our website, but we regret that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these data and information 100%. Therefore, we disclaim all responsibility for the reliability of the data and information available on our website, and your use of those recipes is under your full responsibility.
6- We disclaim all responsibility if any personal data related to you is disclosed for reasons beyond our control.

Inquiries and disputes:-

1- The site administration welcomes all your inquiries and would like to inform you that our support staff are ready to respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible.
2- We try to provide you with the best experience when you use and deal with our site. Therefore, we would like to inform you if you encounter any problem while using our site, you must contact us to work on solving it through our technical support, and you must adhere to the solutions they provide to you, and in the event that you find difficulty in Solve your problem through our technical support. A member of our site management will contact you to work on solving your problem.

Intellectual rights and copyrights of the AlShaml website:-

1- We ask everyone who uses our site that all types of content on it are fully owned by the site administration and parties we deal with. Therefore, it is completely prohibited for any person or entity to copy, paste or use our content and whoever commits any violation of our intellectual rights or any of Our rights: We will take deterrent legal measures for anyone who violates any of our rights.
2- It is prohibited for any user to publish, republish, use, reuse, copy or paste any of our recipes or topics in any other place, and whoever does so, we will take appropriate legal measures to punish whoever commits any violation of our rights.

This agreement on AlShaml website was last updated on 8/25/2022 AD.

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