Healthy eating habits – 5 tips to make your diet healthier


When it comes to healthy eating habit, a fast-paced life and easy availability of sugary and fatty food makes it oh-so-tricky.
But it doesn't have to be that hard to adopt a healthier diet! The key to accomplishing this is smaller steps. Rather than swearing to avoid frappes, starting a fad diet, or going cold turkey on your favorite comfort foods, how about a few simple changes instead?
Here are some hassle-free tips for you.

Portion Control Trumps Eliminating Wishes

Have you ever heard the advice “eat in moderation”?
This is perfect for people who love what's usually considered 'junk' food. Cutting back on portion sizes is an ideal way to indulge in your favorite eats without compromising your health.
Of course, this does not mean eating all junk food in smaller portions! It's more like adding that small scoop of ice cream or a piece of brownie in your otherwise nutritional meal.

Fiber, Fiber, And More Fiber!

When we say healthy, it does not automatically translate to weight reduction. A "healthy" body is also one with a healthy gut. And nothing's more amazing than fiber when it comes to great gut functionality.
Fibers offer an array of benefits to your body. Getting your fill of fiber (at least 25 grams for adults) means you experience proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Also, lower sugar levels, and even weight loss. Leafy greens, oatmeal, citrus fruits, and nuts are some examples of fiber-rich foods.

Check Your Sodium Intake

Your mind may be conjuring up a picture of your salt shaker at the mention of sodium…but that’s not where most of your excessive sodium is coming from!
Sodium is in nearly all processed stuff you buy: canned beans, condiments, sauces and dips, deli meats, instant noodles (yes, those ramen flavorings that give so much joy!), and so much more. Cut back on sodium for healthier kidneys and gut, stronger bones, less risk of diabetes, and overall health improvement!

Follow The Rainbow Diet

A colorful plate of food is a healthful plate of fruits. And no, pizza toppings are not it.
Minimize the browns and whites of carbs, and add more colors of vegetables, fruits, and grains to your diet. Not only is a balance of all colors a way to introduce a variety of nutrients in your body but also a way to make meal times more interesting.

Bump Up Potassium, Calcium, and Vitamin D

Keep your heart, nerves, muscles, and kidneys working in top condition with potassium, and boost bone and joint health with calcium and vitamin D. These three nutrients are easy enough to remember when you assess your eating habits and even easier to incorporate into your lifestyle.
Bananas are a rich source of potassium. As for calcium and vitamin D, at least one glass of fortified dairy beverage, dark green veggies, orange juice, and fatty fish like salmon are ways to get your adequate fill.

Bottom Line

So, for your next weekly meal plan, remember that it is quite fine to have some of the delish junk as long as most of your diet is nutrient-rich. Create a mix of mellow, comfort foods and an energetic, colorful diet for sustainable, healthy dietary habits!

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